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LostHero - open letter to the players community

As you probably noticed there were no new levels or development in last 10 months. I don't want to go too much into explanation of my personal / business reasons, but there were things that I was handling.

But I had all the time part of my attention on the LostHero and I was looking how to improve the game. As the game moved over level 150 I start to feel that the fights became boring and players are actually isolated instead of interacting with each other.

I wanted to bring in more interaction between players so I putted into the game the Arena. Well, the result was actually negative, as many people get upset as they were terrorized by few high level players.

I was playing with the game mechanics and I want to do some major changes.

1)     Add Abilities – each profession will be able to learn specific abilities that can be used at the fights (Dodge, Berserker, Fireball, Aim Shot, Heal, etc…)

2)     Fights will change to turn based – each character you have (you or your mercenary) can use one of it’s abilities or use an item. First attack will still cost 10 energy per character, each turn will cost additional 3 energy per character that fights (you can put character on hold). This will give you as player ability to more interact during the fight and players who kill enemies during first round will progress at the game faster.

3)     For the fights you will place characters into formation at grid 3x3 (like we have now at the arena fights). Characters in front rows will be attacked first. This will give you ability to put more tactics into the game, so you can more utilize different professions that your characters have.


4)     Each weapon will have range – this will define for each charact who he can can attack based on the row he is at.

5)     You will be able to cast/spawn additional monsters as wolfs to help you at your fight.

6)     You can target enemies during the fights.

7)     Add Spells – Wizards and Druids will learn spells that they can cast on them self, other characters or even other players. Spells will have duration like the potions. Each spell can be also purchased in form of potion. Spells will give you more advantage for the fights and you will be able to finish fights faster.

And those changes are related only to the fights. Of course there are still lot of development on the clans, add hunt for epic monsters, etc.

Such changes will require restart of all players as you will need to learn the spells and new abilities and I’ll need to change the maps.

For reset I want to apply following rules:

  1. Your character will reset to level 1 and go back to first map.
  2. Maps will contain more quests, more potions and more resources for the potions.
  3. You will get back all diamonds that you purchased as diamonds.
  4. For each 5 levels that you achieved you will get 1 diamond.
  5. Your mercenaries will be waiting for you or you will be able to keep them with you from the begging.

But to do such changes I want first know opinion of you, member of LostHero community.

Please answer me back on my email what do you think about changes above.

I’m really interested to know your opinion - do you like the changes? Or you want just more levels and keep game as it's?


Have a nice day,

Omorote Hideoshi

The resources bazaar is finally open
Finally we have the resource bazaar open.

It's at the beta server: http://www.losthero.com/beta/index.php?page=bazaar#ui-tabs-5




LostHere messages over email
Today we have released new feature - if you will get a message into LostHero and you wasn't online for last 5 min or more and you will not get online in 1 minute from the message we will send you those messages over an email.

I really love this feature, because now I know about thing happening without checking the game.

I hope you will love it too.

Let me know you feedback!


We have following news at LostHero:

1) I have finally working the translation engine for LostHero, so the translators of LostHero to Czech an Russian are sending me daily updates. Czech have now translated all engine, items and dialogs up to level 10 and Russian all the game engine and starting with the maps.

2) The auctions are now allowing to sell recipes and resources items as rat tail or wolf skins.

3) New recipes at for alchemy at the Olfandor City.

4) We have new video for the Snow Maze Levels levels (in Czech) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdMc9x1WA38&feature=plcp&context=C20d25UDOEgsToPDskJaly9INX_Iv9dLyiojl0_T

If you forget your password into lost hero, you can ask for it here: http://www.losthero.com/beta/login.php?showEmail=T

Reset of the password
I'm now reviewing LostHero game from the begging to make sure that all the changes that we did have actually no bad effect on the begging of the game.

And I realized that we are missing one very key key feature - the reset of the password.

Well, here it's now:


You can also get it from the login page.


LostHero in Russian
We have now working version of LostHero in Russian: http://www.losthero.com/beta/index.php?lang=ru

Now we can reach more Russian speaking players.

It was always my dream to create the game in local language so every fan of the RPG can play in his local language and enjoy full story. Without the confusion that most of the people have when they need to read whole page of text of foreign language.

And I want to thanks to brenigan (this is his LostHero name) for his work on translation.

Thank you Vladislav!!



Today we have another BIG release - Crafting.

Here is how it works.

First you need to find a recipe. Recipes are currently of three different types:

Alchemy - mainly for potions

Handcraft - to improve an existing item

and Invetion - to create a completely new item from parts.


Once you get the recipe, you need to learn it.

If you hover with the mouse over the recipe, your probability to learn it will be displayed. The probability depends on your skill level (Alchemy for example) and the level of the item. If the levels are equal you have 90% chance to learn the recipe.

Once you learn the recipe, you can go to you inventory and the last tab there is now the Create Item tab:

Here you can select one of the recipes that you know and you immediately see what parts or ingredients you need.

To create an item there can be tree types of requirements:

  1. Item or Items
  2. Resources
  3. Essences


You should be already familiar with Items and Resources, but Essences are new. An Essence can be extracted from an item (only some items contain any) or from dead monsters.


If you have all requirements ready you can create the item. On the button for item creation you will see again your probability to succeed. It depends on the complexity of the recipe and on the level of your skill required by the recipe (e.g. Alchemy).


If you succeed the item is created. If not you loose all the resources and you get nothing. Currently this version is on our beta server http://www.losthero.com/beta/. First recipes can be purchased at the Heroes Camp and at the Zabixxes's Hut.

I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Updates on the map
I updated the over all map.

From now all maps areas as Snow Cave #1 - #6 are shown as separated point on the map.

I'll add soon minimap for each of the area so you can see in more detail how the levels are connected.


Small fixes
Today we have small fixes and improvements:

1) Major update on the potions - you can now drink few potions of same level and the number of use will be summarized. So if you have Potion of Sharp Sword that have 6 usages and you drink tree of them, it will stay for 18 fights.

2) there was a bug at the Balcksmith - when you didn't have enough materials the game didn't tell you that and the upgraded ended with error message. (thanks xxxxx for reporting)

3) At the Una Village the Blacksmith was telling you that he will give you 10 Steel, but actually the drop was 3-6. I raised the drop to 8-10 and the text is updated. (thanks xxxxx for reporting)


New features on Spells
Today we have here some update on the spells:

1) When you drink more than one potion, you will see all the active spells at the right list.

2) The effect of the spell on the character's stats is visible immediately at the character's stats - not only at fight.

3) New spell named Potion of Sharpness is created - it will add 0.1% to the attack per potion level.

Enjoy the game!

Why the Dungeon Masters will turn into sadists?
I just finished level Caves of Entrails #8 and I'm wondering - why the Dengeon Masters will turn after while into sadists?

You don't know what I mean?

Well you will find out once you will come to this level.

Many people will hate that, but you know ... I feel good.

Ability to upgrade items to chracter's level
Hi everyone,

The latest version of LostHero have a very cool new feature now: you can quickly upgrade/downgrade items to the level of your character.

The upgrade will cost you gold and resources multiplied by the number of levels you want to upgrade by, and the cost is capped by 5 levels. So if you upgrade from level 90 to 105 it will cost you only 50 gold and 5x each of the resources require to upgrade 1 level.

Downgrade will cost you just gold, 10 per each level, and again to a maximum of 50.

Here is a screenshot from the upgrade/downgrade page in the game:

200 maps!
Today I just created 200th map at the LostHero game!

New levels - Gloving Caves
I has just added new levels - Gloving Caves (#1-8).

You can expect rats and bats.

Player level 99-104

Today we have 2 bug fixes:

1) When you kicked out the Mercenary then you lost equipment of the second merc - FIXED

2) The prices after level 100 start to raise with each level like crazy - FIXED

LostHero Pages at Google+
We are just opening the LostHero Pages at GooglePlus.

Officially released - raise amount of your energy restored every hour.
Today we have officially added the ability to increase the amount of energy that will get restored every hour. You can do that under the diamond tab:  http://www.losthero.com/beta/index.php?page=diamonds#ui-tabs-4

With this option you can progress through the game faster as your energy will refill by up to 150 per hour instead of the original 100 (plus any additional item bonuses you may have).

Also the price of additional backpack slots was lowered - from 30 Diamonds to 25 Diamonds!

Enjoy the game!

Your LostHero Team




Quests - in beta
I just added the quests interface to the beta version.

You can test it at : http://www.losthero.com/beta/index.php?page=episode#ui-tabs-2.

But as a first step you will probably not see any quest. Now I need to add the quests coding into the levels. I'm almost sure that this will be completed today.

The issue is that the quests will appear only when you start them - so you will not see all your actual quest. But I'll try to figure out something for you. Especially the complicated quests.


Survey result
Thanks everyone who filled in our survey.

The output is very clear - you need the quest log - very well, you will get it :)

New Fight Visual Published
I think today I have for you great news.

The new fight visual interface was just published.

What so new?

1) You will see the monsters fighting with you.

2) At the end of the fight you can dismantle the item that was dropped by the monster.

Also we added simple interface for you to send us a feedback and the problem with the Mercenary shop was handled.

I'm looking forward to get feedback from you!




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